Refund and Returns Policy

Instablazer offers non tangible services and for this reason we DO NOT honor refund requests. No compensation shall be due if it is impossible to perform or if it is the result of a cause not attributable to Instablazer (e.g. the disruption is due to a third party such as the server provider, failure or new blocks imposed by Instagram).
In any case, a refund cannot be requested for a minor disruption of 5 consecutive days. The refund will be calculated in proportion to the amount paid and the days of disservice.
The software provides many services, including by way of example: auto like, auto comment, auto follow, auto unfollow, the ability to upload photos/videos directly from your PC.
It should be noted that the malfunctioning of only one of these functions, even if for more than 5 consecutive days, does not give the right to a refund.
A possible slowness of the software, a circumstance that may be due to numerous circumstances outside the control of Instablazer, does not give the right to a refund.
The cancellation of your account due to your default, breach of this contract or violation of the law does not entitle you to a refund of the amount already paid.
You can also cancel your account before the end of the subscription period, either directly in the dedicated section or by asking Instablazer, but this does not give you any right to obtain a refund outside of the circumstances mentioned above.

ATTENTION: If you delete your account this will result in the permanent deletion of all your data. Therefore, if you want to cancel your account due to alleged disruption, before proceeding with the cancellation contact the Instablazer support and ask for a refund explaining the reasons, otherwise no refund will be guaranteed to you to any extent.
This is because, once the Instablazer account has been deleted, it is no longer possible to verify whether or not there has actually been a malfunction of the software, so the request will automatically be considered reckless and specious.