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The Instagram feedback required error is one of the most common errors you can easily encounter when using Instagram either manually or when using an automation tool like instablazer.

Reasons for the Feedback Required error is usually caused by the following; #
  1. Instagram Server error (Unable to Connect to Instagram)
  2. Targeted account error
  3. Performing activities too fast
  4. Targeted Hashtags are Banned
  5. Posting Spammy comments

The above reasons are just a few among the possible cause of this issue, however, they are the most common reasons.

  1. Instagram Server error:If you’re using an automation tool like instablazer, there is a possibility that we’re unable to connect your account to Instagram due to an overload on the server housing your account on instablazer, therefore this error occurs. A reason like this is usually fixed when you retry after few minutes or you can simply contact us to have it fixed.
  2. Targetted account error: You can encounter the Instagram Feedback required error when there is an issue with the account you’re trying to interact with. This could be as a result of privacy settings or the user have decided to block your account.

In this case, you can simply ignore the feedback required error as you won’t encounter issues when you moved on to the next targeted account.

  1. Performing Activities too fast: If you perform tasks too fast or you have hit the Instagram limits of your account, you are bound to face this error also. There is a set limit for performing various tasks on Instagram such as Follow, Unfollow, Likes and Comments.

For new/dormant accounts, the limit is low compared to old,active and trusted accounts. Although we have set a safe limit for instablazer according to our trusted research, some users might still face the InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required when they’re hitting their account limit.

  1. Targeted Hashtags are Blacklisted: Sometimes, the issue might not be with your account or your activity, it could be your target. Instagram constantly ban hashtags that have been abused, if you include such hashtag in your targeted tags, then you might encounter this error. See the updated list of banned hashtags on Instagram down this menu.
  2. Posting Spammy comments: If you post comments that Instagram suspects to be a spam, you might be stopped from performing this task and the action required error might come up.

This is why we always advise BistaApp users to use spintax and variables in their comments and DMs.

Solutions to the Instagram Feedback Required Error #

Note: For new Instagram accounts, errors like this do occur if you have not verified your account, especially with a mobile number AND if you’ve not used the account on the official Instagram mobile app. In this case, we advise you to verify the account (preferably with a mobile number) and also perform tasks such as Follow, Like and comment on the official Instagram mobile app.

  1. Other recommended fix will be to pause the activity and resume in 24-48 hours with slower speed.
  2. We have designed the system to automatically re-schedule your activity after 24 hours, so you have the option to pause it manually or the system will do this for you automatically, especially if you aren’t around.

  1. Make sure to use function “Pause actions every day..” to pause the module over night.
  2. Deactivate the activity: The first step will be to identify what triggers this error, is it when you run a specific tool or does it occurs on all of your activities.

For example, you may see the error only when you run a specific function like Auto-like or Auto-comment. Meanwhile, other functions like Auto Follow and Unfollow are still working perfectly fine.

In this case pause the specific activities for 24 hours while other functions are still running.

  1. Pause entire account activities: If you encounter this error when you perform any function via instablazer, then you need to pause entire account from performing any task for 24 hours.

Also, you’re advised not to perform any activity on the Instagram official mobile app during this period.

If you have any question regarding this article or the problem persist please contact us.

  1. Reduce Activity Speed: When the pause period in step 2 is finally over, you should set up new activities with a lower speed. If you had been running your campaigns on the Fast speed, switch to the speed before it (Medium).

Run your activities with this reduced speed for at least a week.

  1. Avoid running multiple tasks: To be on a safer side, it is recommended to run single activities for the first few days before and never run more than two activities for the next few weeks.

And when combining multiple activities, always avoid Auto Follow + Auto Unfollow at the same time. This could be risky for your account. You can combine two other activities aside these two.

  1. Always Read your activity log: The purpose of the log page for every activity is to let you how your account is performing these tasks when you follow these logs, you’ll be able to tell when things are not going right. And you can easily deactivate any activity generating too many errors.

Note: Always deactivate any activity that shows any error similar to ‘InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required’ to avoid sending more requests to Instagram.

  1. Use a different proxy or clearing account cookies. This can be done using the following steps:
  • Log in to our platform.
  • Navigate to the Accounts page.
  • Select three dots at the upper right corner of the account in question.
  • Click the Edit account button.
  • Add in the new proxy address (if you have any) or select “Only swap the proxy” checkbox and click Save Changes.

Alternatively, select “Only clear cookies” checkbox and click Save Changes.

Instagram (and other social networks) doesn’t know that you are using a proxy, so your trust score increases, there are no blocks, there is no risk of ban, and the IP changes automatically.

  1. Remove and re-add your Instagram account: If you purchased your own proxy address, please remove your Instagram account from our system and re-add it again.

The above suggestions are what worked for many of our users who have come across the Instagram Feedback Required error. It is not necessary to try all of the above as a single one could be a fix to your own issue. Understanding what triggers the error is the key to solving it.

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